The Emergent Storm Presents: Up2Us™

Introducing Up2Us – a creative, collaborative card game that can be played with friends, family, students, or teams. We hope each group that plays will play in their own way and will learn and grow together.

Like most good games, the rules are simple, but the play can be as complex and rewarding as you make it. The first challenges are familiar – “frustrated”, “lost”, or “confused”. As we grow, we learn that small problems amass into larger ones – “epidemic” or “war”. Great answers must always grow from individual ideas – this is the spirit of Up2Us™. Just as large crises arise from smaller challenges, they are relieved by the accumulation of many small solutions from the players.

Up2Us™ is the first product of the Emergent Storm. We have carefully designed the gameplay to encourage new ideas, honest opinions, and healthy communication. We believe in the power of collective achievement and citizenship, and we believe that through the power of cooperation, the world’s problems – both small and large – are solvable. We want everyone to be involved in this project, from our members to our vendors and players. We want to promote healthy dialog, fun, and togetherness from the kitchen table to the conference table. By these methods, our project will continue to grow.


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We are focused most on bringing people together.  Our values are based on a single minded goal to determine what we can do to help.  To that end, we aim to contribute 10% of our resources to trying to achieve the solutions we have for each other and our world. The problems we are facing are large but if we don’t start somewhere we will end up getting nowhere.


Ultimately we make games.  These games help to teach us how to interact in a way that builds to a common goal.  The first game called Up2Us™ is a cooperative one that teaches how come up with solutions when the problems seem insurmountable.  There are two more games in progress that will teach how to judge solutions and resolve conflict, but we are only in the beginning stages and we will likely will need much more help before those are available.


Currently we are working on integrating our first game, Up2US™, into schools and other educational institutions.  Keep an eye out for launch events near you at local game stores!  We are also pursuing different avenues to spread the ideas of the company and intent behind our games into industries and institutions alike!


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