About the game UP2US™


Discover Solutions (green cards) to work through Personal Challenges (yellow cards), and collaboratively sort through those solutions as a team to attempt to solve Crises (red cards) that afflict cities, nations, continents, or the world!  How hard could that be?

Select Difficulty

Select a difficulty level (number of Crisis cards to solve): City (2), Nation (4), Continent (6), or World (8) and place them in the middle, face-up, selecting one (1) to start with.


Deal Cards

Deal five (5) Solution cards face-down and two (2) Personal Challenge cards face-up to everyone.


Find Soutions

Each player chooses two (2) Solutions to play, face-up, on one of the Personal Challenges and one (1) Solution to play on the other, saving the remaining two (2) Solutions. 


Get Feedback

Have the player to your left select two (2) of the three (3) chosen Solutions that best fit the assigned Personal Challenge to stay in play and discard the remaining (1) Solution.


Apply Solutions

Select one (1) of the Solutions in play to solve the currently active (1) Crisis.



As a team, order the Solutions selected and decide if the Crisis is solved.


Repeat As Needed

If the Crisis is not solved, give three (3) new solutions to each player.  Go to Step 3.

Crisis Averted

When a Crisis is solved, it gets set aside along with its assigned Solutions; all other Solutions are reshuffled, Personal Challenges in play are discarded, and play resumes with the next available (1) Crisis from Step 2.

On To The Next One

When no more (0) new solutions are available, or the current (1) Crisis cannot be solved, the Crisis and any assigned solutions are removed from the game.  Discard all Personal Challenges, reshuffle all remaining Solutions, and proceed to Step 2.

How Did You Do

If, after all the selected Crises have been addressed, no (0) Crises are solved, then it is time to gather new perspectives and try again! If at least one (1) Crisis is solved, that’s great progress!  The next step is to work within your limited resources to find answers for as many Crises as possible.  If all eight (8!) Crises are solved in a single game, we want to hear about it!  Visit the Contact Us page and send us your solutions!  We will make sure your efforts start a larger conversation.